Mr. Good: The Exit Interview

Gerry Shi
Mr. Good on May 20, 2015

Mr. Good is retiring at the end of this school year.

On May 16, Mr. Edward M. Good, the seventh headmaster in Northwood’s one hundred and ten year history, presided over his final commencement ceremony, which was full of tributes to his leadership and many accomplishments. Haochen “Gerry” Shi, a ninth grader from Beijing, China, sat down with Mr. Good recently for an exit interview.

The beginnings: How a graduate of a large urban public school ended up in a small rural boarding school

“There is no such thing as a typical week.”

Mr. Good’s thoughts on retirement: “I’m a little anxious about it.”

Unfinished business

He’s most proud of what the school has become.

“I’m not a person who lives with a lot of regret.”

When Gerry asked what he would do differently if he was starting his headship today, Mr. Good thought quietly for nearly ten seconds and then described what he sees as some of the challenges facing Northwood today:

Postcard for Northwood School for Boys at Lake Placid Club in the Adirondacks, NY (1944)

Postcard of “Northwood School for Boys at Lake Placid Club in the Adirondacks, NY” (1944)