“I was hired over the phone…to teach Algebra II”

Alec Beaudin-Tougas

Mr. ReedMr. Reed, known as “Reno,” is a long time faculty member who has been at Northwood School since 1971. He teaches Senior English and AP English Literature, but he started at Northwood as a math teacher. Mrs. Kilbourne-Hill, Mr. Reed’s colleague and former student, said of Reno: “It is hard to imagine this place without him…we would be lost without him.” Correspondent Alec Beaudin-Tougas spoke with Mr. Reed recently and filed this report.

“Mr. Friendlander hired me over the phone. He had never met me.”

Mr. Reed was new to the faculty when girls were added to the student body. “It was very tough to be a girl at Northwood in those days.”

Almost every long-time Lake Placid resident has a 1980 Olympic story. If it wasn’t for the miracle on ice, the Lake Placid Olympics may have been a disaster. “I was in Virginia Beach during the Olympics,” said Reno with a laugh:

Northwood teachers “establish actual friendships with kids, and I think that’s terrific.”

Andrea Kilbourne-Hill '98

Mrs. Andrea Kilbourne-Hill ’98

Andrea Kilbourne-Hill ’98: “He said, ‘You are a pimple on the ass of progress.'”

Mr. John Spear '88

Mr. John Spear ’88

John Spear ’88: “I can’t get my students to like Heart of Darkness, but he got me to like it.”

Speaking of Reno impressions, Mike Butler ’81, the Chair of Northwood’s Alumni Council, does a good one. He also has a few Reno stories:

Mathieu Castonguay '09:

Mathieu Castonguay ’09:

“Fat Boy Drive-In…It brings back good memories.”

Fat Boy

Fat Boy Drive In, Brunswick, Maine